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Align Your Fitness with your life

In fitness, there are no quick fixes 

Discover long-term success with a plan that works for you


Meet Richeal

Certified Personal Trainer

Richeal Ria is a Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping her clients build sustainable fitness habits that align with their lifestyle and goals. Her science degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology means she is able to help her clients decode the scientific jargon of the fitness industry which empowers them to make more informed choices.

Richeal specialises in client-centred online fitness coaching, which involves working with the client to design a plan that matches their capabilities, preferences and circumstances. Her coaching philosophy focuses on helping clients turn their back on quick fixes and instead embrace long-term solutions that enhance wellbeing without compromising their goals.


what I specialise in

Mindful Eating & Nutrition Habits

Feel Stronger Than Ever Before

Empowering Through Education

Feel Energetic & Confident

Sustainable Muscle Gain & Fat Loss


A Successful Plan Is a Sustainable Plan—discover yours today.

Richeal has helped me so much in such a relatively short space of time - I can lift heavier weights, I can run further, but most importantly, I feel more confident in the gym and in myself.

— Jess

I have never been consistent with exercise or diet, and I could only have done it with someone who met me at my level and actually took the time to personalise the best approach for me to hit my goals.

— Hannah

Richeal is great at explaining the "Why?" behind training and nutrition, which really helps with motivation and adherence to a plan.

— Killian

Thoughts, Feelings, Ruminations

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