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Meet Richeal

Certified Personal Trainer

why I coach

My passion for fitness coaching stems from my belief that good nutrition and exercise are the foundation of a vibrant and fully expressed life. Like many women, as a teenager I was influenced by harmful trends in the fitness industry and fell into unsustainable diet and exercise practices. Armed with a science degree, endless curiosity and a distaste for exploitative fitness bullshit, I want to guide YOU to achieve your goals in the healthiest way possible, whatever they may be.

my values

Autonomy: I will educate you on the pros and cons of various choices but the final decision on which strategy we use always comes down to the client.

Inclusivity: Whether you’d like to use a weight neutral approach or lose fat in a supportive environment, your needs and values will be respected within our coaching relationship.

Sustainability: Every aspect of my approach prioritises your long-term wellbeing and outcomes over short-term results. Quick fixes that offer fast results but cause damage in the long term will never be part of my coaching practice.

Curiosity: Knowledge is power, so I always endeavour not just to get my clients results but to educate them on how they can continue to get results on their own in the future.

Minimalism: Sometimes the best approach is the most simple approach. In an industry full of gimmicks I always strive to help my clients focus on the fundamental factors that deliver the greatest results.

Compassion: I believe that lasting change comes from a place of self love. Helping clients put setbacks into perspective and working with them to develop positive self talk is one of my top priorities.

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