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what I offer

I provide online fitness and nutrition coaching services for people who are eager to discover strategies that are sustainable in the long term. Online fitness coaching is an amazing, affordable alternative to working with a personal trainer in a gym, and it allows you to work with a professional whose message truly resonates with you.

The Mentorship is a fully customised one-to-one online fitness coaching service which delivers bespoke fitness, nutrition and lifestyle strategies. 

A new group offering currently in development!

The Mentorship



Are you looking for the highest level of one-to-one support and a fully tailored comprehensive fitness strategy? If that sounds like your jam, then The Mentorship is the perfect programme for you. If you’ve tried to start your fitness journey numerous times but just can’t seem to stay consistent, or if you’ve made good progress on many programmes but always felt there was something missing, The Mentorship is exactly what you need. 


The Mentorship is my premium coaching service. When you join, every aspect of this programme is written from scratch to make sure that it is perfect for your preferences and needs. The Mentorship is ideal for people who want to truly optimise their approach to their goals, as well as those who feel the methods of cookie cutter programmes are not appropriate for them.


Everyone has unique fitness goals, and you might feel that you just can’t seem to find a conventional programme that accommodates yours. Maybe you want to balance lifting weights with running and you can’t find a programme with the right balance between these two goals. Or you might want to improve your strength and endurance for sport, while still having enough energy to give your best during training sessions. With The Mentorship, I will help you design a programme that allows you to optimally progress towards all your goals, whilst keeping the sustainability of the strategies we use at the forefront of the design process.


The Mentorship offers the highest level of one-to-one support. You get comprehensive weekly feedback responding to your check-in, and ongoing support via WhatsApp throughout the week. This makes The Mentorship an unparalleled opportunity to master your mindset and achieve fitness goals that have always felt just out of reach.


Some of the goals that I have helped clients achieve include: building nutrition habits that improve energy levels & exercise performance, developing an awareness of what they eat & why through mindful eating, becoming empowered to make educated decisions around fitness and nutrition, building muscle, losing fat or toning up using sustainable strategies, learning proper exercise technique, and feeling stronger, more energetic and more confident. 




The Mentorship is an all-inclusive package, but none of the services included are mandatory. Some clients only want help with training, and others only want help with nutrition. We will get to know each other & collaboratively design a strategy optimised for your goals, lifestyle and preferences. 


  • Bespoke training plan, updated monthly which can include both strength & cardio workouts.

  • Bespoke nutrition strategy tailor-made for your lifestyle, preferences and goals.

  • Habit tracking system to make it easier to build good habits.

  • Regular feedback on your exercise technique.

  • Help choosing the best exercise equipment if you want to train from home.

  • Assistance setting smart goals and breaking them into action steps.

  • Weekly check-ins which provide accountability, extensive feedback and support.

  • Support via WhatsApp or e-mail between check-ins.

The Mentorship



Step One  book a free 30 minute discovery call to discuss your goals and explore whether I am a good fit for you as a coach.

Step Two  at the end of the call, pay a deposit to reserve your place and we will start the onboarding process from there.


There is an initial minimum commitment period of three months, as anything less than three months is not enough time to build the sustainable habits that are a key part of my coaching. 


The Kickstart

Coming soon: I am currently working on an exciting new group offering. Follow me on Instagram @richealfitness for updates and early bird offers.

Watch this space!

The Kickstart
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