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Why did I write the eBook?


My passion for fitness coaching stems from my belief that good nutrition and exercise are the foundation of a vibrant and fully expressed life. Like many women, as a teenager I was influenced by harmful trends in the fitness industry and fell into unsustainable diet and exercise practices. 


I created The Mindful Eating System because I needed something new in my nutrition coaching toolkit to help the full spectrum of clients that I was working with. Different clients have different circumstances, experiences, and goals so having a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to nutrition didn’t make any sense to me as a coach. 


Who is the eBook for?


The Mindful Eating System allows people to keep track of how their nutrition habits are impacting them physically and psychologically, without the hassle and pressure of having to weigh every item of food in every meal that is involved in other nutrition systems like macro tracking and meal plans. 


This is not a weight loss system; it is a system for helping you to learn more about your current eating habits and to gradually build a new set of eating habits that support your energy levels, physical health and mental wellbeing. 


The Mindful Eating System can help you:

  • improving your digestion

  • stabilising your energy levels 

  • improving your energy during training

  • learn how stress impacts your eating habits

  • build eating habits that support your health & wellbeing




When you download The Mindful Eating System you get both The Mindful Eating Guide & The Mindful Eating System Editable PDF. 


The Mindful Eating Guide

  • A 37 page guide on how to use The Mindful Eating System

  • Information about the benefits of 12 of the most impactful healthy habits

  • Guidance on how to implement these habits in your day to day life


The Mindful Eating System Editable PDF includes:

  • The Food Diary

  • The Habit Tracker

  • The Reflections Journal


The components work together to help you build consistent healthy habits into your life. 


You will also get a printer friendly version of the Editable PDF for people who prefer pen and paper diaries to digital diaries. 


What people are saying…


“Before the Mindful Eating System I struggled with eating regularly, let alone healthily. Keeping a diary that focused on how food fuelled me and let me identify patterns in my eating habits, really has helped me change some of those habits.”


“With the Mindful Eating System I feel a better connection with the food I’m eating and I really enjoy how it makes me think more about not just what I’m eating but how I feel before and after.”


“Using this system has helped me get back on track with making more mindful choices with my eating and nutritional habits without stopping me from eating the things I like.”


“It’s been great to use as an observation tool - almost a meditative way to observe my eating patterns. No judgement. No criticism. Just awareness.”


What Happens After Purchase


You will receive a link to download your digital product via an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you buy the book and enjoy it!


The Mindful Eating System

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